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As a proud member of the American Shotcrete Association, the American Concrete Institute, and the International Concrete Repair Institute, United Shotcrete has been providing efficient and reliable shotcrete contracting services throughout the Mid-Atlantic for over 30 years. Our team of craftsmen are experts in providing top-quality commercial and residential shotcrete services that meet the highest standards of structural soundness without sacrificing creativity.


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The use of structural shotcrete is growing rapidly in the urban concrete building construction and infrastructure throughout the country. Although shotcrete has been around for over 100 years the process is still relatively new for many seasoned concrete professionals from all disciplines.

Shotcrete construction will provide more strength and durability, faster application to meet or BEAT project deadlines and cut labor costs improving your bottom line.


Repair & Restoration

One of the most economical and effective methods of concrete repair is with shotcrete application. This is particularly true for repairs that would usually require extensive forming like overhead and vertical repairs. 

Shotcrete differs from conventional concrete in the method of construction and in its superior properties for certain types of work. It is greatly used to restore structural integrity, increase concrete reinforcement, or both in a time and cost effective manner.

Ground Support & Underground

Using shotcrete for ground and soil stabilization has many advantages over using traditional timber and steel shoring techniques. Shotcrete is also ideal for ground support in tunneling and mining. 

Shotcrete is able to conform to any natural irregular shape of the ground without any formwork which makes it ideal for any tunneling project.

It provides early ground support after blasting or excavating, and early strength development to help move your project forward as fast and efficiently as possible. 


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