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We specialize in residential and commercial shotcrete construction projects, including new construction, repair, and renovation.

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Exceptional Customer Service

While the finished product is important, our ultimate goal is to create a fulfilling customer experience and leave you with a positive lasting impression. We strive to give you exceptional customer service in every area of our work.


Efficient Service

Our shotcrete services accelerate project timelines by 25% to 40%. Efficient work leads to significant project cost savings.

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Sustainable Solutions and Less Waste

Gunite application eliminates costly equipment, shipping, installation/removal requirements and site logistical factors. We strive to use fewer materials, and provide sustainable solutions, saving you money and resources.



We apply shotcrete in otherwise impractical or impossible applications using traditional means. We strive to provide flexibility to give you more options.

Shotcrete Services We Offer

Commercial / Architectural Finishing

We use shotcrete to sculpt any design or layout you have in mind. Shotcrete can resemble natural rock or other materials.

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Residential In-Ground Swimming Pools

Build or reinforce your existing swimming pool with shotcrete. The result is a pro level of design, flexibility and esthetic quality.

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Historic Preservation

Shotcrete is ideal for repairing or preserving deteriorated mortar, replacing missing concrete, or adding a protective layer to historic buildings.

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Tank and Tunnel Construction

Shotcrete is a highly efficient and low-cost solution for keeping tanks and tunnels operational without launching full-scale construction projects.

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Bridge and Dome Reinforcement

Shotcrete is widely used in bridge and dome construction applications due to its sustainability and ability to adapt to structures of all shapes.

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Hardscapes and Retaining Walls

With shotcrete you can custom design your hardscapes or retaining walls or stabilize retaining walls that are tilting, chipping, or cracking.

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About United Shotcrete

For more than 30 years, United Shotcrete contractors have provided shotcrete solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our services span the Mid-Atlantic, including Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

We have built a solid team of highly-trained, certified, and skilled shotcrete contractors. Our projects consistently exceed industry standards and building codes to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work.

We are proud members of the American Shotcrete Association, the American Concrete Institute, and the International Concrete Repair Institute.

Solutions for Every Concrete Application

New Construction

Shotcrete is rapidly becoming the preferred material in the construction of new structures that range from swimming pools, hardscapes, and retaining walls to bridges, domes, and tunnels. We can help you through every stage of your project from design and initial concepts to final finishing.

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Like any other material, concrete can show signs of wear, including chipping, cracking, and crumbling. Shotcrete allows us to restore and repair virtually any concrete structure without launching a full-scale restoration project. We use shotcrete for projects that range from touch-ups to reinforcement.

Support and Stabilization

Shotcrete is an effective, long-term alternative to traditional supports such as timber or steel shoring. It’s ideal for creating ground support for larger, heavier structures. It can conform to any natural irregular shape of the ground without any formwork, which makes it ideal for any tunneling project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shotcrete

Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity onto a vertical or overhead surface. The impact created by this pressure consolidates the concrete.

Shotcrete doesn’t simply produce a gun / nozzle finish. It can be finished in almost any class, type, and tolerance. A sponge float, broom, Class A steel trowel, and architectural finishes are all attainable. Concrete finishes should be incorporated into the specification, and performed and approved as part of a mock-up prior to the start of a project.

Shotcrete is a mixture of aggregate, portland cement, and water, conveyed by compressed air to the nozzle of a spray gun. The wet mixture is then sprayed in place and may be carved or troweled almost immediately.

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