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When building a concrete, metal, or wood structure, you need to stabilize it from the ground up. That means creating a solid foundation on or under the ground. Structural excavations are effectively stabilized with shotcrete and a variety of reinforcement and anchoring systems. As the leader in the shotcrete industry, United Shotcrete offers comprehensive ground support solutions. 

We provide ground support & underground stabilization for all types of structures, including tunnels, mines, sewers, hardscapes, and other structures. We provide ground support after blasting or excavating. Our solutions offer structural strength and offer flexibility for all types of applications. Contact us today, and let us help you with your upcoming project. Fill out the form or call to schedule an on-site consultation.


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Shotcrete Ground Support Projects We Take On

Ground Support for New Builds

Shotcrete provides flexibility to allow for ground stabilization and stress relief. It can conform to the natural ground without the need for formwork. You’ll quickly find that it is ideal for tunnels and other structural excavations. We use it as a final or permanent lining for underground structures. Let us know what project you have in mind, and let us help you reinforce and stabilize it with our shotcrete  solutions.

Shotcrete Repair and Restoration

Do you have issues that threaten the stability of your structure? Are some areas outdated or damaged? If so, we offer shotcrete repairs and restoration. We can help you maintain the integrity of the structure by reinforcing it with a layer of spray concrete. We can shoot concrete over long distances and onhorizontal, vertical, overhead  surfaces. 


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We Apply Shotcrete to Large-Scale Construction Projects

Shotcrete is good for all types of surfaces and structures that need to be stabilized before the finished work is complete. Shotcrete is a low-cost alternative that produces the same professional, long-lasting results. Applying shotcrete allows you to cover a large surface area in a short period.

For larger, complex jobs, shotcrete solves a lot of potential problems. Shotcrete is the best option for work that requires different finishes in one layout. It’s ideal for areas where there is little to no access to equipment to hang rock panels or other prefabricated theme structures.


When it comes to concrete, no two structures are alike. You need a wet or dry concrete mixture that can conform to any layout or structural shape. You also need a solution that you can apply anywhere vertically or horizontally. Shotcrete is versatile. We can spray it on any surface to reinforce or enhance the structure. 


Traditional concrete application methods require more steps, more work, and more labor. It adds up to more cost for you. Shotcrete is easier to mix, transport, apply, and clean up. Since we save money on the process, you save money on the results.

Easy to Apply

Cast-in-place concrete often must be applied by hand or using special tools. As a result, the process can take longer and involve complex steps. We spray on shotcrete using a special applicator. It’s easier to apply and saves you time on the project.


One of the misconceptions about shotcrete is that it doesn’t last long. However, you can expect shotcrete to last several decades when applied correctly, using advanced equipment and skilled shotcrete contractors. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain it after application. Fortunately, maintenance is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Shotcrete Ground Support

Whether building a new structure or repairing an older one, there are several benefits to using shotcrete for your project

  • Shotcrete allows you to apply the mixture to hard-to-reach places.
  • High compressive strength 
  • Time and cost savings over other methods
  • The shotcrete process is faster than other construction methods.
  • Shotcrete produces higher production rates.
  • Shotcrete requires less equipment.
  • It’s easier to add specialized admixtures to shotcrete.

Shotcrete uses compressed air to shoot the concrete through a hose. The concrete sprays out at such a high speed that it bonds to itself where it is applied. So, the entire process is faster which equates to fewer construction costs. 

Because of the high velocity due to the use of shotcrete, shotcrete is highly compact, which increases its strength. Shotcrete can be used in different types of construction, such as:

  • Tunnel, underground & mining stabilization, and construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Slope and trench stabilization
  • Honeycomb/ structural concrete repair
  • Historical building restoration
  • Sealing works

The output of the shotcrete machine can be depending on the application. It can range from 0.8 to 23 cubic meters per hour. Lower output can be used for patch repair, which can be from 9 to 17 cubic meters per hour. While for bigger concreting projects, it can range from 17 to 23 cubic meters per hour.

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When you have the proper ground support, you have confidence knowing that your structure will last. United Shotcrete can help you every step of the way. We offer complete concrete solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you with your upcoming build or repair project. Fill out our contact form or call to schedule an on-site consultation.