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High Quality Shotcrete Application for New Construction Projects

Regardless of what concrete construction project you have in mind, United Shotcrete can help complete it to plan specifications. We offer complete shotcrete solutions for residential and commercial new construction applications. We are the Mid-Atlantic region’s most trusted shotcrete contractor.

We simplify the shotcrete process by offering an efficient, faster, and more affordable solution than traditional cast-in-place concrete. We work on various projects, including in-ground pools, domes, bridges, dams, reservoirs, parking, garages, hardscapes, grain silos, retaining, and more. Contact us today and tell us more about your project. Let us design and build a solid concrete structure for you.

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We Simplify the Concrete Application Process

Dry Process (Gunite)

In some applications, pre-blended dry or semi-dampened materials are loaded into the sprayer, then sprayed at high velocity out of the nozzle while simultaneously adding water to it. This method consolidates on the surface by the high-impact velocity.

However, since this process requires as much as 2-3 months or more to cure, and the risk of weak spots is higher due to less rebound material formed, we at United Shotcrete, recommend using the wet process as described below.

Wet Process (Shotcrete)

The wet process includes mixing all aggregates and admixtures, including water, at the plant before arriving to the job site. We then pump the wet mixture into the nozzle, where compressed air is introduced to provide high velocity placing and consolidating the material onto the receiving surface.

Since Shotcrete is pre-mixed, it takes less time to apply and the coating is stronger and more consistent.

New Construction

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Shotcrete New Construction

Shotcrete New Construction Applications

Ground & Underground Support

We use shotcrete to stabilize soil for excavation, tunneling, and mining. It provides early ground support after blasting or excavating and early strength development, which provides flexibility to allow for ground stabilization. Shotcrete conforms to the natural ground without formwork, which makes it ideal for any round support project.


Shotcrete is ideal for reinforcing tunnel walls and stabilizing previously-excavated areas within a tunneling project. As such, shotcrete has become valuable in the tunneling industry. Shotcrete reduces installed costs and optimizes mix designs for all types of tunneling jobs.


Shotcrete enforces temporary and permanent foundations. It may be employed to stabilize an excavation for an underground parking structure or hi-rise buildings during construction. It provides a large waterproof enclosure in which we erect a structure.

Architectural Landscaping

Our contractors can work with you to build attractive landscaping in your home or business. We use shotcrete to create a natural-looking layout that covers sculptured, textured, or stained surfaces to blend in with the environment.


When it comes to concrete, no two structures are alike. You need a wet or dry concrete mixture that can conform to any layout or structural shape. You also need a solution that you can apply anywhere vertically or horizontally. Shotcrete is versatile. We can spray it on any surface to reinforce or enhance the structure. 


Traditional concrete application methods require more steps, more work, and more labor. It adds up to more cost for you. Shotcrete is easier to mix, transport, apply, and clean up. Since we save money on the process, you save money on the results.

Easy to Apply

Cast-in-place concrete often must be applied by hand or using special tools. As a result, the process can take longer and involve complex steps. We spray on shotcrete using a special applicator. It’s easier to apply and saves you time on the project.


One of the misconceptions about shotcrete is that it doesn’t last long. However, you can expect shotcrete to last several decades when applied correctly, using advanced equipment and skilled shotcrete contractors. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain it after application. Fortunately, maintenance is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shotcrete Constructions

Shotcrete’s high strength, durability, low permeability, excellent bond, and limitless shape possibilities can be achieved using our wet mix application, making it superior to high-quality conventional concrete. 

Due to its flexibility, durability, and design-friendly texture, United Shotcrete uses shotcrete in countless applications.

  • Easy setup and cleanup
  • Easier material management
  • Better quality control
  • High compressive strength
  • Little to no formwork
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for unique or irregular surfaces
  • Offers greater shape or form flexibility
  • Rate of application is higher

Mining companies, contractors, and engineers rely on the quick, effective method of pneumatically-applied concrete. It is a key component of civil and mining projects. When applied correctly using the right equipment, additives, and technical support, we can build a solid foundation for a successful project. 

We use a range of new and advanced equipment to apply shotcrete, including gunning machines, pumps and compressors.

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No matter what idea you have in mind, United Shotcrete can help you bring it to life. We offer complete spray concrete services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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