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Expert Shotcrete Application for In-Ground Pool Construction Projects

Many pool builders and general contractors turn to United Shotcrete for in-ground pool concrete construction or restoration.

We offer complete shotcrete services in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Whether you are launching an in-ground pool installation or need to repair your current pool, we can reinforce the concrete surface, adding several years to the life of your pool. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation. We can help you get started with your project today.

If you are particular about the shape and stability of your pool, shotcrete allows you to get what you want without sacrificing the quality of the structure. Shotcrete gives you the ability to design your pool in any shape or contour while providing additional components such as hardscape, stairs, or seating. We can help you with every stage of construction, including design, implementation, and final finishing.

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Our Pool Shell Construction Process

One of the reasons shotcrete is a popular option for homeowners and commercial property owners is that the process of installing or repairing your pool is time and cost effective. Typically shooting a pool takes just one day to complete. While every project varies slightly, most of the steps look like this:

Note: United Shotcrete does not complete every step in the process. We assist you with the concrete phase of the project and can work with the general contractor to shoot the concrete shell  according to plan specifications.

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What Are the Benefits of Shotcrete for Pool Construction?

When building a new pool, you may be weighing the differences between using wet mix or dry mix. However, there are several benefits to using shotcrete for your pool. 

Remember that shotcrete means that you’re working with a wet concrete mix. For this wet mix process, you begin with thoroughly mixed concrete. Shotcrete uses compressed air to shoot the concrete through a hose. The concrete sprays out at such a high speed that it bonds to itself where it is applied. So, the entire process is easier with fewer construction costs. 


When it comes to concrete, no two structures are alike. You need a wet or dry concrete mixture that can conform to any layout or structural shape. You also need a solution that you can apply anywhere vertically or horizontally. Shotcrete is versatile. We can spray it on any surface to reinforce or enhance the structure. 


Traditional concrete application methods require more steps, more work, and more labor. It adds up to more cost for you. Shotcrete is easier to mix, transport, apply, and clean up. Since we save money on the process, you save money on the results.

Easy to Apply

Cast-in-place concrete often must be applied by hand or using special tools. As a result, the process can take longer and involve complex steps. We spray on shotcrete using a special applicator. It’s easier to apply and saves you time on the project.


One of the misconceptions about shotcrete is that it doesn’t last long. However, you can expect shotcrete to last several decades when applied correctly, using advanced equipment and skilled shotcrete contractors. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain it after application. Fortunately, maintenance is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shotcrete

One of the biggest benefits is that shotcrete is that it is highly versatile. You can use it to design and create any pool shape. Best of all, it does not lose resiliency regardless of what pool design you have in mind.

Again, shotcrete is made of standard concrete material and has the same adhering properties as standard concrete. The only difference is that it is pneumatically applied.The high pressure at which shotcrete is applied allows you to shoot over existing concrete and avoid cold joints. This makes shotcrete the perfect option when repairing or renovating existing swimming pools or other structures.

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To get the most out of your pool, use shotcrete to create a solid, long-lasting foundation. United Shotcrete offers complete shotcrete services in the Mid-Atlantic region for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today, and let us help you with your pool installation project. Fill out the form or call us to schedule an on-site consultation.