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Reliable Shotcrete Contractors in Pennsylvania

United Shotcrete serves as a leading specialty concrete contractor in Pennsylvania. We’re a team of fully-certified professionals who tackle everything from large complex projects to smaller-scale jobs. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.

We offer complete shotcrete services for residential and commercial properties. Our shotcrete contractors provide construction and repair work, as well as design and finishing. When you partner with United Shotcrete, you work with a concrete company that can help you through every stage of your project. Contact us today and tell us more about the structure you want to reinforce or repair.

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Solutions for Every Concrete Application

New Construction

No two concrete projects are the same. As such, you need a company that can help you realize your unique ideas and bring your project to life. United Shotcrete contractors can help you design your structure and implement shotcrete where needed. We provide reinforcement, ground support, and design services to give you a complete experience.

Shotcrete Repair and Restoration

The older your concrete structure gets, the more wear and tear it takes on. As a result, it becomes less structurally stable. Using shotcrete, we can help you fill in cracks and holes and replace missing concrete pieces. We can fully restore any concrete structure, providing stability and revitalizing the surface design. We offer comprehensive shotcrete repair and restoration.

Support and Stabilization

Modern improvements in spray concrete have allowed shotcrete to become the first choice ground support in many underground mines, tunnels, and underground structures. The increased use of wet-mix fiber-reinforced shotcrete has grown. We offer shotcrete ground support for all types of structures. We can reinforce and strengthen your structure with our  technology.

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Shotcrete Services We Offer

Commercial / Architectural Finishing

Architectural finishing requires creativity and attention to detail. We use shotcrete to design complex architectural layouts for businesses.

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Residential In-Ground Swimming Pools

Reinforce your in-ground swimming pool with shotcrete. Shotcrete offers flexibility, allowing you to design your pool as you wish.

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Historic Preservation

One of the benefits of shotcrete is that you can use it to renovate historic structures and monuments. We offer full historic preservation.

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Tank and Tunnel Construction

We provide complete tunnel construction and lining services. Shotcrete’s flexibility makes it ideal for curved structures like tanks and tunnels.

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Bridge and Dome Reinforcement

Shotcrete offers the perfect solution for reinforcing the supporting structure for bridges and domes. We can help you build or repair bridges.

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Hardscapes and Retaining Walls

Do you have a hardscape, rockscape, or retaining wall for your home or business? Let us help you bring it to life with our spray concrete solutions.

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About United Shotcrete

United Shotcretes team of skilled craftsmen build more durable structures for nearly every type of project. We have served customers across Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. As such, we know what it takes to design, build, or restore a structure so that it exceeds industry standards and helps you achieve your design goals. 

We utilize advanced  technology to apply shotcrete to any surface, shape, or texture with stunning results. Regardless of how you use shotcrete, we can help you complete your project by providing a professional finish you can be proud of. You will love our customer services and the products we provide.

We are proud members of the American Shotcrete Association, the American Concrete Institute, and the International Concrete Repair Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both are concrete pools. Gunite is dry mix concrete with a minimum strength of 2500psi to meet National Pool and Spa Codes. Shotcrete is  wet-mix concrete with a minimum strength of 4000psi. We find shotcrete provides our clients with a product that will last a lifetime and withstand the frosty winters of Pennsylvania.

Shotcrete is concrete that is projected at high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete is typically classified into two categories:

  • Wet mix process: concrete is batched (including the water), delivered to the site, and pumped to the shotcrete nozzle where compressed air is added to the material just prior to shooting.
  • Dry mix process: concrete ingredients excluding water are mixed and delivered to the shotcrete nozzle using compressed air. Water is added to the dry materials at the nozzle, just prior to shooting.

Structural shotcrete is typically completed using a wet mix process.

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If you are looking for a fast, affordable, long-lasting solution for concrete construction or repair, we can help. Contact United Shotcrete today and let us help you design and build your next project. We offer shotcrete services in Pennsylvania.