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Professional Shotcrete Repair and Restoration

When a concrete structure needs repair or renovation, a standard cast-in-place concrete job may not work. Your structure may need a solution that offers greater flexibility or delicate application. Shotcrete provides more versatility for all types of concrete restoration projects. United Shotcrete offers professional shotcrete services in the Mid-Atlantic Region for residential and commercial applications.

Our shotcrete contractors can assess your structure’s current condition and provide the right solution that stabilizes the structure and enhances its surface appearance. We reinforce a wide range of concrete structures and surfaces including pools, bridges, tunnels, domes, retaining walls, foundations, and hardscapes. Contact us today for an initial consultation, and let us help you with your restoration project.

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Shotcrete Renovation Projects We Take On

Restoring a concrete structure can be a delicate and tedious process. It requires more than just filling in a few cracks. Many of the jobs we do involve restoring historic buildings or intricate designs. It is why we recommend shotcrete over traditional concrete methods. 

We provide complete restoration for all types of jobs, including

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Why Use Shotcrete for Concrete Restoration?

There are several reasons that shotcrete is a better option than traditional cast-in-place concrete applications.


When it comes to concrete, no two structures are alike. You need a wet or dry concrete mixture that can conform to any layout or structural shape. You also need a solution that you can apply anywhere vertically or horizontally. Shotcrete is versatile. We can spray it on any surface to reinforce or enhance the structure. 


Traditional concrete application methods require more steps, more work, and more labor. It adds up to more cost for you. Shotcrete is easier to mix, transport, apply, and clean up. Since we save money on the process, you save money on the results.

Easy to Apply

Cast-in-place concrete often must be applied by hand or using special tools. As a result, the process can take longer and involve complex steps. We spray on shotcrete using a special applicator. It’s easier to apply and saves you time on the project.


One of the misconceptions about shotcrete is that it doesn’t last long. However, you can expect shotcrete to last several decades when applied correctly, using advanced equipment and skilled shotcrete contractors. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain it after application. Fortunately, maintenance is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shotcrete Repair

Both the shotcrete method and the cast-in-place method use the same type of concrete. So, the main difference is in the application method. The cast-in-place method involves pouring the concrete and smoothing it out or sculpting it out using various tools.

When applying shotcrete, we spray it on the surface using a spray nozzle or applicator. We spray the concrete evenly over the surface and finish it to your specifications.

Shotcrete offers more versatility for any concrete job. We can perform shotcrete repair to ground supports, swimming pools, skate parks, retaining walls, bridges, domes, hardscapes, tunnels, and mines – virtually any project you have in mind.

When a concrete structure ages, you may notice signs of damage such as cracks, crumbling, or missing pieces. Fixing these pieces is not an easy job. Shotcrete is ideal for existing concrete, because it will adhere to the existing surface quickly and will not produce a cold joint. You can apply it fast regardless of the size, shape, texture, or location of the structure.

Schedule Shotcrete Repair from United Shotcrete

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your repair project, our certified shotcrete contractors can handle it. We offer complete shotcrete services in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Contact United Shotcrete today and let us help you get started with your repair job. Fill out our contact form or call us for inquiries.